Content Management System

The Web Whisperer Content Management System(CMS) is a simple-to-use, yet powerful tool which enables you create and modify your Web Pages with no technical skills required.

Textual content can have differing styles to give emphasis and to make the site more attractive. Pages should be image rich and may be displayed in a number of pre-defined formats.
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It comes with a number of standard functions which allow administrators effectively control and manage the web site.

File Upload

Lets Admin Users upload files (images, pdf’s, Excel etc) from a PC. Images can be listed and viewed after uploading. Unwanted images can be deleted. It is a simple two step process.

Contact Details & Query Form

The page allows Admin Users to modify contact details for display on the Home Page, and separately on the “Contact Us” Page. The “Contact Us” Page comes standard with a web form for visitors to submit requests.


Security applies to all site pages and content. There are up to 20 levels of security and visitors may only see pages for which their logged in security level allows. Pages may be suppressed or made viewable only with in a specified time frame. Additionally, your web site will be protected from hackers by dotDefender™ which is a state of the art Web Application Firewall. It examines all traffic going to your web site and rejects harmful or suspicious requests.

Styles & Templates

Each website comes standard with a number of styles for the display of textual information. This module allows Admin Users to create their own styles (font, size, colour, bold, etc.).

Templates allow Admin Users to design the way they want a web page to be laid out. Admin Users can set the number of columns and the column widths.

Child Pages

Child pages are a very effective way to reduce clutter on the navigation bar. So, for example if the site were to display a fashion collection instead of having Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn on the navigation bar, the site could have a single “Seasons” tab, with the seasons in a Drop Down List.


Child Pages Navigation

Child Pages Navigation


Site Activity Reports

A standard feature is the ability to produce reports on Site Activity (Page Views and Unique Sessions) by Time Period. Page Views can be up to four level deep, and can include referring URLs, but commonly two levels is sufficient for most assessments of the value of given Pages. The number of unique sessions per time period can also be displayed.

Registration with Google & Search Engine Optimisation

We provide guidelines specifically to cater for the current requirements of search engines such as Google. We also register your site with Google as soon as it has been sent ‘live’, for more advanced optimisation choose one of our SEO packages

Privacy Policy

We provide a generic privacy policy for display on the web site. Clients may modify it. We take no responsibility for it.

Other Services

We offer a wide range of support services to our clients: IT purchasing and Network Support, Domain Name & Email Management. If we can’t do it we can refer you to one of our reliable partners.

Choose the Edition Which Suits Your Business

Select from inexpensive static web sites throug e-Commerce
3 Page Edition or 5 Page Edition
These are the basic Web Site editions and include 3 or 5 web pages: Home, About and Contact (Optionally 2 extra pages). These Editions are not Content Managed, however they can be upgraded to our Standard Edition

Content is provided by the client. If required we can provide additional services such as domain name management and logo design.

Standard Edition

This Edition allows up to 100 pages to be created and includes all the standard modules. It allows Administrators to create and modify content on the web site. Security for the web site is addressed at a number of levels – from Admin Logins to dotDefender™ Web application Firewall.

SME Edition

This Edition builds on the Standard Edition and includes our “Products” Module which which is suitable for pysical products and underpins our e-Commerce Edition

e-Marketing Edition

e-Marketing allows Administrators to build a web page (for example to promote a special offer or event) and email the web page out to the email addresses held withing the integrated “Contacts Database”. The web page that is sent out including the banner and navigation bar so that recipients can click and go straight to your web site. This is a very powerful marketing tool.

e-Commerce Edition

For businesses that need to do business on online, this Edition is a MUST HAVE. Fully integrated with the “Contacts Database” and “Products Module”, purchases are made via PayPal’s sucure payment gateway. Purchasers are provided with a TAX INVOICE and Administrative Tools allow for the management of goods requiring despatch.
Popular Modules



Galleries are a very effective way to display multiple images of a theme. It allows for a set of thumbnail images to link through to a larger image on the same page. So, for example on the left hand side of the screen a set of thumbnails could be displayed with the larger image of the ‘active’ thumbnail displayed on the right hand side. For a live example visit