A web application is an app or customised software application that is accessed by users over the Internet or internally via the Intranet. Due to the ever-increasing ubiquity of the Internet, web applications continue to grow in popularity as they can be accessed anywhere, anytime without the need for downloading software to an individual system.

In comparison to traditional software based applications, customised web applications have an array of benefits for businesses, including easier manageability, cross platform compatibility and 24/7 convenience. Costs to the company can be greatly reduced as using a web based app requires less support and maintenance than a desktop app, streamlining business operations and reducing stationery and supply costs.

As businesses progressively move into the net-space, it becomes clearer that providing access to mission critical applications over the net is a cost effective, reliable and efficient means for staff to access those applications wherever they are. Web applications provide a smooth paperless workflow from the client’s request to the responsible person for action, to monitoring the job’s progress and reporting the outcome with minimal use of paper.
Web based apps have come a long way and are now trending towards being the preferred method for business management systems. We can help develop a web application for your business that is customised to your unique specifications, assisting with your operational requirements.

Here at Web Whisperer we have proudly developed applications for:
Inspections: People undertaking on-site inspections and producing a report can use their Tablet to check all items and assign a rating to them as they inspect each item. This is suitable for Building Inspectors, Real Estate Agents for letting inspections, OH&S inspections and so on.

Workflow: As an adjunct to our e-Commerce solution, we have developed a solution for the catering industry where the daily set of ingredients (picking list) to make up the day’s orders is generated at the start of business. As each order is processed dispatch notices and invoices are generated. It’s a paperless process and all involved get to see progress via screens dedicated to their tasks. Have an idea that will increase your businesses productivity, saving you both time and money? Contact Web Whisperer today and see what we can do for you.