We believe that we offer our clients one of the most secure environments in which to host and manage their web site.

Administrative Login

Administrators are assigned a Username and Password combination which are required to gain access to the ‘back-end’ administrative functions. All login attempts are logged and reported back to the owner, to ensure that unathorised attempts can be monitored and if necessary we can block the offending IP address.


All our client’s web sites are built using Microsoft products with our simple to use proprietary Content Management System.

All our client’s web sites are hosted on our web servers which are located in ICO’s secure managed data centre in North Ryde, NSW – visit www.ico.com.au for more information.

ICO provide on-site, on-demand technical support when needed. This reduces our overheads, which means we can offer very competitive rates. They guarantee a 99.99% uptime for our servers with guaranteed bandwidth inbound and outbound. They have redundant high speed access to the internet to help ensure their guaranteed uptime.

Web Application Firewall

All our client’s web sites are protected by dotDefender™, which is a state-of-the-art Web Application Firewall. It analyses all web traffic and rejects traffic which is harmful or suspicious before that traffic gets to the web site. It prevents hackers getting to your data.

Most web sites are virtually unprotected from hacking – our clients’ web sites are protected. This is the first line of defense. See www.applicure.com for more information.


ICO take a full image backup of every one of our client’s web site on daily basis and these backups are stored off-site and retained for three months. In the event of a disaster, ICO can restore the entire system onto their redundant site in Melbourne within 30 minutes.Additionally, we make a backup copy of each website every day for a one day failover quick recovery.

DotDefender Working

DotDefender Working