Integrated e-Marketing

e-Marketing is fully integrated with the WebWhisperer database which maintains information on people who are registered either by direct entry via “Contacts” or by visitors using Registration, Ordering or other applications.

Email Marketing for Small Business in Adelaide

To use e-Marketing just follow these simple steps:
1. Carefully create the information that is to be e-mailed out.
2. Using the selection tools available with e-Marketing, select the target group(s) based on a number of pre-defined or user-defined groups (e.g. industries, position title and professional interest).
3. Then select contacts within that group as required. This creates the distribution list for the mail-out.
4. Type in (or Copy & Paste) the message to be sent and/or, attach a file of information via the browser interface. Don’t forget a link, so that the target audience can access information via a Web page.
5. Optionally, review and approve the content and distribution list.
6. Send the mail-out.

e-Marketing Campaigns

Are you looking for an Email Data List? We can help provide you Email Data List ranging from a few hundred to 10,000 unique targeted opt-in email addresses.

Email Marketing Campaigns in Adelaide

We have access to a number of opt-in email addresses which may be segmented according to number of criteria (eg. age, sex, income etc.). We can provide from a few hundred to over 10,000 depending on requirements.

We work with you to develop the promotional web page to be delivered to the email addresses. From the option chosen (see below), we generate three monthly email mailouts and a report each month detailing the number of emails sent, delivered, opened by the recipient etc.

This is a very effective means of acquiring new clients.