Google Adwords Keyword Tool: Out with the Old & in with the New!

If you’ve attempted to run your monthly keyword search for your business through the Adwords Keyword Tool, you would have noticed it is no longer. While the disappearance of this useful free tool may have sent you into a panic mode, you need not worry as Google has replaced with the Keyword Planner. So, Google [...]

Is your business getting it ‘right’ online?

When we talk about websites, most people think of them as a tool for information gathering – and while this this is the case, a website has much more power than that. Don’t be one of those people who miss the opportunity to create sales off your website! Websites are often overlooked as an essential [...]

5 tips for minimising risk online and how to avoid them

The world-wide-web can be a scary place for business owners. You’re busy trying to run your business and you don’t have time to spend to keep up with the latest trends. With constant updates, new platforms and new ways of thinking always emerging, it’s not easy. The good thing is, you’re not alone! Having an [...]

The do’s and don’ts of Google Plus!

Google Plus is slowly becoming a lot of business owner’s social platform of choice. It’s a great tool to meet new people, connect with future customers and foster ongoing relationships with your current customers. But a lot of people don’t have the time to learn about Google Plus and a lack of commitment can prevent [...]

How to use hashtags to increase your traffic on Facebook

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed a trend in hashtags emerging. Facebook hashtags are becoming an important element to your social marketing strategy. Hashtags are an incredibly useful tool in assisting in increasing traffic to your page.   Has your business got onto the Facebook hashtag bandwagon yet? Let’s have a look at 5 [...]

Online Marketing: A New Value Proposition

In these tough economic times, marketing your business is absolutely essential. When a lot of people think about marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is TV ads, print ads and radio ads. But what about the growing branch of marketing called digital marketing? Most people today browse and shop for products and services [...]

How to use images effectively on a website and deliver key messages to my target market

A picture tells a thousands words, but what does it do for my website? There is no doubting images play an integral role in your website and your overall branding. But how do I know how many is too many or what images are best placed where? There are some very good examples of how [...]

5 ways to offer value to your customers

The most effective way to build and maintain your customers is through offering value. When we’re talking about value, we mean value that your customer distinguishes it. It’s extremely important to put yourself into your customer’s shoes and really understand what they hold to value. A lot of businesses make the mistake offering something of [...]

Chromecast: It’s easy to use, it’s affordable and it’s totally worth it!

Have you heard of Chromecast, Google’s newest gadget? If you haven’t already, you certainly will in the coming months. If you’re anything like us, you love watching movies. These days, we consume most of our information and entertainment through our laptops. But don’t you wish you could watch it on a big screen? Well, Google [...]

The 5 tips to make your newsletter stand out from the crowd!

Ok, so we’re the first to admit we’ve let a newsletter go unread in our inbox. A combination of a busy schedule and a lack of interest led to that newsletter unclicked by us. Marketing is tough in today’s competitive world. But the truth is, if you’re selling a product or service, it’s absolutely paramount [...]